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Vibration Speaker -Operating Principle

Vibration Speaker's principles of operation
How is the sound generated?
Input signal to the coil generates vertical force in accordance with Fleming's left-hand rule (see below).
The direction of the force depends on the size and direction of the input signal.
The diaphragm also moves vertically in line with the generated force.
Vertical movement of the diaphragm attached to the coil vibrates the surrounding air, producing sound.
Section of Magnetic Circuit
Section of Magnetic Circuit

What makes it vibrate?
The diaphragm and magnetic circuit will oscillate by continually attracting and repelling one another.
At slow oscillation speeds (i.e. low frequencies), the heavy magnetic circuit is more efficient, and its movement generates vibration.
At fast oscillation speeds (i.e. high frequencies), the magnetic circuit is unable to oscillate at the required speed, while the lighter diaphragm becomes more efficient, and the result is sound without vibration.

How does the same speaker handle both sound and vibration?
The diaphragm and the magnetic circuit will repeat oscillation by attracting and repulsing each other.
When the oscillation is slow (i.e. low frequency), the magnetic circuit, despite its weight, can move efficiently and thus generate vibration.
When the oscillation becomes fast (i.e. high frequency), the heavy magnetic circuit will be unable to follow, and decrease the vibration. Instead, the movement of the lighter diaphragm will become more efficient, which will produce sound.

Vibration speaker drive mechanism
The vibration speaker has the same basic structure as a dynamic speaker, and can be operated using a standard drive circuit for a normal speaker.
Sine-wave signal is recommended the vibration speaker is used for vibration, since signal containing harmonic components can generate unwanted noise.

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