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Micro Robot Servo


   We Design & Produce Drive unit in RoBoHoN!!
      Photo of RoBoHoN   Photo of Servo Motor
      Micro robot servo

Namiki developed a special micro robot servo for a robotic smart phone called “RoBoHoN” produced by SHARP.
A total of 13 Namiki servos inside enable the cute gestures, complex actions, and rhythmical dances of RoBoHoN.
In order to make the servo a perfect fit for each joint of the RoBoHon, an unprecedented compact design was achieved by assembling the motor, gears, and other key components in a precise and optimized layout of within the limited space of the servo.Moreover, for reliability purposes, the servo has a newly developed clutch mechanism (torque limiter) that prevents internal gears from being damaged by unexpected external force. Also, for durability purposes, it has a non-contact potentiometer and Φ10mm brushless motor.
Namiki provides total solutions with motors as well as other key components to help customers succeed in their product developments.

*"RoBoHoN" is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.
Size of servo motor


   -  Vin: 3.7V

   -  Output torque: 147mNm

   -  No load speed: 98rpm

   -  Backlash: 1.5°

   -  Clutch torque: 147〜300mNm

   -  Life time: 500hrs

   -  Gear ratio: 400 : 1

   -   Weight: 11g


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